3,500 Bitcoin ATMs Are Now Available To Use Across The Globe

Last Updated: August 7, 2018 at 12:33 PM EST

Cryptocurrency is now made more irresistible as more and more bitcoin ATMs are being installed in the whole world which now lead to its 3,500 number of installed and available to use bitcoin ATMs, according to Coinatmradar.com.

As the emerging technology became known to people, the convenience and reliability of its technology became one of the needed assurance of its users. One way to prove its convenience is through making and installing ATMs or Automated Teller Machines.

In 2013, a record-breaking achievement from the crypto world was made as the very first bitcoin ATM was launched in Canada. After this happening, consecutive articles were released stating the launching of various bitcoin ATMs in the different parts of the world and as of now, a report of 3,500 and more Bitcoin ATMs were said to be properly functioning and used in almost 67 countries all over the world.

“Today (~4.5 years since first bitcoin ATM installation) there are already more than 3000 ATMs installed worldwide. And the speed of installations is only accelerating over previous years” Coinatmradar posted on its website.

Interestingly, USA was one of the reason of bitcoin ATMs’ fame as most of the installed ATMs were located in the country. According to the report, the highest percentage of installed bitcoin ATMs were reported in North America with the result of 74 percent while having the second place for Europe with 21 percent. This is despite of different regulations and issues of the government of USA against the cryptocurrencies.

“No doubt, US regulations play a huge role in our business. We would be able to provide many more services, and for much cheaper, were it not for a myriad of regulations we must comply with” head of marketing at Blockchain BTM, Tim Curry said in News.bitcoin.com.

Moreover, the support of various operators like Genesis Coin and General Bytes which produces most of the ATMs were part of this booming industry. According to the website, the company targets to reach the 9 installed BATM per day in order to fully accompany the needs of crypto-owners.

Technically speaking, the number of the service bitcoin ATMs that are available to use are now in their massive rate and as this progress for the next years, we are expected to see more investors in crypto soon. While convenience and reliability are now provided on each customer making transactions in bitcoin, the end result may still stay the same or make bitcoin and crypto as the best option for handling finances.