Monday, June 17, 2019

Bitcoin Crime: Four Men Tortured A Friend For His Crypto Info

Four men tortured a friend to get his cryptocurrency info after a night of drinks. After this, they took some of their pal belongings, making a swift exit from his apartment. The man is conducting a trial against them in the court on Manhattan. The four men are famous in social networks due to their lifestyle. Bitcoin crime is more common by the day.

Bitcoin Crime

Bitcoin CrimeThree pals supposedly committed a bitcoin crime by torturing one of their friends to get his cryptocurrency info. This happens after a night of drinks when the three men accused took his pal to his house. The alcohol was affecting him.

But what was more of a good Samaritan action was about to be a nightmare for Nicholas Truglia. The three men were against him and picked on him for his cryptocurrency info. When he refused Stephen Orso, David Leica, Steven Dorn, and Chris David, started torturing him. According to the criminal claim presented in court, Orso was demanding Truglia to:

“provide him with login information for his cryptocurrency accounts while holding his head underwater in the bathtub, punching him in the stomach and throwing hot wax on him,”

Hours later, in a surveillance video, the crowd abandons the building carrying something rectangular in shape that resembles a laptop.

When Truglia was at last awake, he realizes that his laptop and phone are missing, so he pings his phone and finds it in the vicinity of the residence of one of his pals. The next day they sent his laptop and his phone to him, and the laptop had wax on it.

The Defense Version

But for the defense, this never happened. The guys were accompanying a drunk Truglia to his home, and they let him there as a good action. Nothing else happened that day. The  lawyer from the defence Stacey Richman declared that she was delivering the court audios where Truglia admits that the facts never happened.

The four men are New York socialites, being famous in various circles and in social networks. The outcome of this case will not be known until March 14 of the next year. The three men exited custody without bail and their case will be examined in the future.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Crime

Cryptocurrency related personal crimes have been rising since last year’s December, when cryptocurrency prices reched record values. Since then, bitcoin prices have gone down, but crytocurrency crime has steadily risen. Break-ins, gunpoint theft and even kidnappings have happened also. This will likely reach new highs for the new year.

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