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Bitcoin Cash, Aave, Maker Price Analysis: 30 March

Bitcoin Cash awaited strong cues to climb above the coveted $600-mark. Aave could move south and towards the $304.2-support level if the price fails to breach its overhead resistance. Finally, Maker wThe post Bitcoin Cash, Aave, Maker
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Tether Offers Transparency Report to Prove Its Reserves Are Fully Backed

Tether, the USDT stablecoin issuer has presented its first transparency report for its USDT supply and fully backed resrves in the form of assurance opinion from Moore Cayman. As a stablecoin issuer, the circulating supply of USDT must be backed…
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This is How Cardano Switches to Decentralization Securely, Team Explains

On March 31, Cardano will become a fully decentralized platform, this means that over 1,800 community pools will be responsible for block production.  Since the release of the Shelley update in July 2020, Cardano was slightly criticized by the DeFi…
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What you should know about Cardano's switch to decentralization?

With the Cardano team preparing for a transition to fully “decentralized block production” by 31 March, a researcher explained an interesting concept behind the “switch to decentralization.”  As pThe post What you should know about Cardano’s switch to decentralization? Story…