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BitClout Receives a Cease-and-Desist Order Over Unauthorized Profile Usage

After growing speculation that it’s a scam within the crypto community, the recently acquired popularity project BitClout has garnered more controversy on itself. The Chief Research Officer of decentralized exchange Radar Relay, Brandon Curtis, has sent a cease-and-desist letter against the alleged founder for unlawfully using his name to profit.
BitClout Caught in Wrongdoing?
As reported by CryptoPotato recently, BitClout is a decentralized protocol that enables users to speculate on people and posts using real money. Some of the prominent individuals whose names were integrated on the platform included Elon Musk, Katy Perry, CZ Binance, Justin Sun, and more.
Another person, Brandon Curtis, has decided to act against this initiative and announced on his Twitter profile that the law firm he hired, Anderson Kill P.C., has sent a letter to the site’s alleged founder – Nader Al-Naji.
It reads that Curtis had contacted the firm after seeing his name and Twitter profile on the BitClout site without his consent, “as appears to be the case with almost all of the profiles.” The letter said that the controversial project and its founder are “directly profiting from the likeness of others and did not obtain permission to put these profiles on its platform or profit for them.”
Cease-and-Desist for Violating Cali Law
The letter also noted that “it is well established that a person or a company cannot knowingly use ‘another’s name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, on or in products, merchandise, or goods, or for …
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