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BitCherry launches “All Spark Plan” to cultivate more valuable and potential blockchain business applications

Distributed e-commerce network BitCherry is investing $10 million for an ecological support fund for developers. The investment is geared towards adding new blockchain businesses to the BitCherry distributed ecosystem. The funds will go primarily into the development, competition, incubation, and investment of ecological projects as well as provide financial, technical, and operational promotion support for developers.

BitCherry will allow developers to deploy and run dapps in its “AllSpark” blockchain world. Through this, it will facilitate the development of distributed business applications through cohesive technology, community, and ecological resources. 10 selected projects will be given “Super Spark” status and given incubation reward depending on the operation of the project.

Each of these 10 projects will enjoy at least one benefit. They will either enjoy Investment opportunities of BitCherry Distributed Business Ecological Fund or have theResource support of BitCherry distributed Eco-commerce or both.

Further, the top 3 projects among these will then be selected and given financial support, technical support, dedicated strategy planning, resource support, team training, and other comprehensive support. 

The support includes Financial support with a follow-up assistant and technical guidance to help the team navigate the technical way. It also includes resource support from big projects in the BitCherry ecological alliance to help new incubation projects mature successfully. Lastly, the projects will get aid in brand promotion, obtaining users, and establishing a global community through the BitCherry global content matrix.

Project developers can visit the BitCherry website. Register or submit their application through the registration link. Projects that will get priority are DeFi …
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