Monday, December 16, 2019

Bitcard Lets You Pay With Litecoin Using A Debit Card

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Bitcard debit cards now offer support to Litecoin cryptocurrency holders. This will aid convenient use of Litecoin holdings in making payments in traditional brick and mortar stores anywhere debit cards are accepted.

Bitcard Debit Card Support For Litecoin

Bitcard support for Litecoin would see cryptocurrency usage made easy for purchases and conducting transactions using the Bitnovo debit card services.

The crypto debit card instantly converts cryptocurrencies into Euros which is usable for conducting transactions without the need for banking services.

Meanwhile, support for Litecoin has grown amid cryptocurrency bearish trend. A host of other crypto debit cards have also supported the coin no their platforms. The Bitcard debit card is unique because it is not attached to a particular wallet. Also, coins are liquidated to cover all the payment which works as a top up, pay as you go.

To accelerate the payment process, the coins are sold to Bitnovo, which directly credits users Bitcard account and help them to cover the payment. This makes cryptocurrency payment very easy as it involves less KYC and other paperwork systems. Notably, there is no need for a bank account to use the Bitcard cryptocurrency payment service.

Litecoin Growth And Adoption

Success continues to trail Litecoin despite the bearish trend of the cryptocurrency market and also the noncommitment and trust that trails the decision of the CEO and founder of Litecoin to sell his Litecoin holdings.

The event has led many to doubt on the viability of the project, as well as the longevity of the project being questioned. Charlie Lee clarifies this at the Litecoin conference recently that he sold it as a conflict of interest, as he is more dedicated to the goals of improving Litecoin than the price.

Further, Bitnovo has partnered with Litecoin to spread its goodwill globally.

Recently, Clover POS announces a partnership with Litecoin to start processing cryptocurrency on its platform. This will lead to Litecoin being available to over 1 million Litecoin merchants globally. The POS solution will function via offering indirect Litecoin support to users across devices.

Clover POS solution is unlike the usual that involves downloading an app; what’s needed is to connect to a Litecoin wallet, such as Loafwallet. Through this, customers get printed receipts, as well as invoices, while the option of messages and emails are also available to receive receipts and invoices.

Notably, Clover POS shipped 750,000 units in February, a 44% increase to last year while a million is already reached as announced on September 17, in the rate of Litecoin transactions. Despite this success, a plan is underway to unleash app creation between Litecoin and Clove for better services to their users.

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