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Binance CEO Backs Indians in their Quest to Revive Crypto Usage in the Country

The founder of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has spoken against the cryptocurrency ban soon to be enforced by the Indian government. While speaking to a local news outlet, Changpeng Zhao explains that making cryptocurrencies illegal to hold will place a limitation on Indian residents, as the asset itself is licit.

He compares limiting citizens’ use of Bitcoin to limiting citizens’ use of the internet and cellphones, which he asserts to be fundamentally devastating for the economy. “Not allowing cryptocurrencies have much higher risks for economic development for countries, government and citizens in those countries.”

Proposing a solution for the government, which Zhao claims may be enforcing these policies because it fears that the dominance of independent digital assets will reduce the value of the country’s fiat, CZ advises that “the best way to compete against that is to make the current fiat currencies more competitive.”

It’s a hot scene in India’s cryptocurrency community. For investors and traders, the use of cryptocurrencies will soon be criminalized by the Indian government, according to a new law that the government plans to introduce.

Reuters reported that a senior government official, whose identity was kept anonymous as requested, revealed that all crypto-related activities such as buying, selling, or even holding digital assets will be criminalized by the government.

The anonymous source who has first-hand information on the government’s plans added that cryptocurrency mining activities, as well as the transferring of cryptocurrency assets to recipients residing in the county or outside …
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