Sunday, June 16, 2019

Beer Vending Machine Says No to Coins, Accepts Only Cryptocurrency

What happens if you really need a cold bottle of beer and you’re short of cash, can you still get one? Definitely, only if you have your smartphone with you. Now that’s what Civic, a blockchain-based identity platform is offering with its launch of a beer vending machine that verifies a user’s identity and allows them to pay using cryptocurrency.

Civic Launches Three Vending Machines That Accept Crypto

Based on a media outlet’s report on March 13, Civic, a San Francisco-based company has installed three vending machines at the Austin Convention Center. The machines allow users to scan a QR code on their smartphone which uses the blockchain to verify their identity and deduct crypto funds before the beer is served.

But first, a potential customer has to download Civic’s app, Civic Pay and register with their name, email, address, and social security number. The information is compared with others such as that provided on the persons’s passport. A verification is then made to ascertain if they are of a drinking age and as such, they can get cleared each time they scan the QR code on the machine from their phone.

Atleast 100 People Buy from the Machines Daily

Reports also reveal that so far, at least 100 people order from the machines daily. Texas regulators have also approved the company to distribute these vending machines to other events. Thus, people can use CVCs, Civic’s cryptocurrency that was launched last year. Each time an order is made, the machine withdraws 200 CVCs from the user’s wallet which may have already been funded with the virtual asset.

Titus Capilnean, Civic’s marketing director while speaking to the media, stated that the aim of the service, is to get people accustomed to using their smartphone to identify themselves. They can also pay for drinks at the same time their identity has been verified.

Problem of Underage Gaining Access to the Machine

While underage people gaining access to the machine could pose a problem, Capilnean outlined that a valid user will have to unlock and transfer their phone to another person before purchases can be made. As a result, the individual is liable for the other person, and not the company or machine.

The Marketing director also said:

We do our best … to stop other people who get access to your device without your consent, but if you give consent, it’s like that guy buying beers for kids at the supermarket store

BTCNN on October 28, 2018, informed that Canary Wharf, a brewery in London is accepting cryptocurrencies in order to get people used to a cashless system. Prior to that, the company had also made plans that Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash payments will be processed.

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