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Beaxy Accelerates Automated Trading Through Hummingbot Partnership

PRESS RELEASE. Chicago, Illinois, USA –, a premier open-source algorithmic trading project, has chosen to incorporate Beaxy Exchange into its most recent software release, allowing Beaxy users to take advantage of 24/7 automated high-frequency trading on a U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange. Previously, traders could use the open source codebase to run their own versions of Hummingbot. Now, a version exists which was custom tailored by the Hummingbot Development Team to ensure a streamlined integration with beaxy’s trading interface.
Hummingbot differs from other trading bots in several respects. It is an open source program and is free to download and use. The core strategy of the bot enables a trader to function as a market maker on multiple exchanges – put simply, the bot will place both limit buy and limit sell orders for others in the market (termed “takers”) to meet. While there are numerous strategy templates and operating styles, the bottom line is that Hummingbot has removed key barriers to entry for those in crypto who are keen to get their feet wet in algorithmic arbitrage and market making. Traders can exchange BTC to USD, USD to ETH, ETH to DRGN, DRGN to USD and dozens of top performing crypto currencies on Beaxy.
Beaxy’s Head of Customer Service, Cooper Craighead, added that, “Hummingbot is a great option for both users just starting into bot/algorithmic trading and experienced veterans. It’s easy for anyone to set up, regardless of technical background, but has a depth of configuration …
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