Monday, July 15, 2019

Basketball Star Expresses His Love for Bitcoin, Influences Shoe Brand

Brooklyn Nets point guard, Spencer Dinwiddie, might not be Stephen Curry but he just might be on the verge of breaking his money bank — if his crypto investments go right.

The young African-American basketball player who got drafted into the NBA in 2014 as the 38th Overall pick has only been with three professional teams since his draft at age 21, but seems to be looking beyond the days of his playing career already.

The basketball athlete, who started his crypto-investment journey last year admitted he got caught up like ‘everyone else’ in the frenzy of the crazy crypto market. Dinwiddie moved quickly to buy a number of bitcoins during the rapid surge of the bitcoin price last year. In an interview with Bleacher report, the athlete discussed how antsy he became with the constant fluctuating market and how he found himself checking the price of the bitcoin and market trends incessantly, when everyone he knew was busy checking their social media status instead.

“If I woulda gone all-in, boy, I’d be loaded right now.”

Referring to the period of the explosive rise of Bitcoins, Dinwiddie believes if he had been a little less cautious with the amount he was ready to invest and how much he was prepared to lose, he would have probably made more money at present.

He explained more on how hooked he was to cryptocurrency trend sites and online platforms offering crypto analysis and statistics. Committed and convinced of the potential in the industry, he revealed he constantly throbbed fellow basketball player Trevor Booker to join the crypto wagon, but Booker refused, wary of the unpredictable nature and volatility of the crypto market.

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Dinwiddie acquiesced he followed the predictable instinct of early traders who set rigid limitations on their trading strategy to avoid losing too much. He said:

“If I knew I was going to make a trade and it would intersect with practice, I would set a super-strict sell stop.”

Dinwiddie thinks he is learned a lot though even if he believes he is still very much in his learning phase. He is ready to wait a longer period now like a ‘veteran trader’ and believes the industry still has more potential than it is given credit.

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Dinwiddie’s affair with cryptocurrencies is bound to continue as he reveals he has influenced his Shoe Brand, Project Dream, to accepting cryptocurrencies, starting from BTC.

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