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Basketball billionaires form NBA blockchain use case committee

Mark Cuban and Vivek Ranadive headline the list of owners exploring blockchain use cases for the NBA
Blockchain tech may soon become an integral part of the world’s largest basketball league. According to a report from Sportico yesterday, a group of some of the wealthiest and most powerful National Basketball Association team owners are forming a committee to investigate blockchain use cases for the NBA. Called the Blockchain Advisory Subcommittee, members include Mark Cuban, Joe Tsai, Ted Leonsis, Steve Pagliuca, Vivek Ranadive and Ryan Sweeney. According to Sportico, the goal of the subcommittee is to “explore ways to integrate blockchain across the league’s business.”Two obvious possible use cases include ticketing and collectibles. Blockchain-based ticketing has made significant strides and now has an active userbase, and Mark cuban in particular has been vocal about his support for using blockchain to enable his team to reap profits from secondhand sales and scalping. Likewise, blockchain-based collectibles have found an unusually snug product-market fit with the NBA’s highlights and stat-obsessed fans. Flow blockchain’s NBA Topshot tradable highlight project has raked in over a quarter billion in sales. Additionally, the company counts multiple NBA players as investors. However, Cuban said in a statement to Sportico that the committee was not founded as a response to the exploding popularity of NBA Topshot, and is instead focused on broader applications of blockchain technology. Cuban is by now a familiar name to members of the crypto community. Despite a past history of disparaging …
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