Saturday, May 25, 2019

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“Buy Or Sell Cryptos”: First Two-Way Cryptocurrency ATM Launched In Malta

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There will be no more excuse in having cryptocurrency in your pockets as the very first two-way Cryptocurrency Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was recently launched in one of the most crypto-friendly state, Malta.

After the raging fame of bitcoin ATM all over the world, the Maltese fintech startup called Moon Zebra decided to create a more innovative and convenient crypto ATM for all crypto enthusiasts. Introducing the very first two-way cryptocurrency ATM that easily provides services such as buying and selling cryptos in real time. It also allows users who never traded in crypto in creating their own virtual paper wallet that would be provided with a public key and private key as they open their accounts. However, in order for the customers to safely use their crypto ATM, the ATMs are accepting purchases as low as fifty euros only.

Unfortunately, the two-way ATM can only be accessed with two of the well-known cryptos which are bitcoin and litecoin. But once the project succeeds in Malta, the team behind the ATM promised that they will explore more types of crypto soon.

Moreover, Moon Zebra was founded by four young entrepreneurs lead by Markus Behmann. He stated that the inspiration for this project are the users who found crypto as a complicated thing for them and they wanted to help these users in buying and selling cryptos ‘quick and simple’.

 “we explored easier solutions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, which would be more accessible to the average user. With our Moon Zebra ATMs, clients can buy or sell Bitcoin and other coins in a quick and simple manner,” said Behmann.

The launching of the ATM was set at the Quicklets head office on the Sliema seafront at Malta. In this event, the team gathered blockchain and crypto experts and enthusiasts as they introduced and made a demonstration session of using the ATM. Steve Mercieca, founder, and CEO of Quicklets, shared his positive remark on the project and stated that he believes that cryptos would be the future of money and that this would be the ‘everyday means of transaction’ of users.

“When we were approached by Moon Zebra to set up this ATM in our head office we were immediately convinced as this falls perfectly in line with the prop-tech strategy we run our business on,” he added.

The two-way ATM will now be accessible to the public at Tower Road, Sliema in Malta on  Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 5 pm. As this succeeds in the future, Moon Zebra anticipates and hopes that their Moon Zebra ATM will be spread worldwide and will give convenience to the crypto world.

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