Banbreach: Number of Compromised Routers in India has Doubled

The number of routers compromised by crypto jacking software in India has doubled, amounting to about 30,000 routers within in the country alone, according to a recent report presented by Banbreach; a security company as reported by Hard Fork.

The Banbreach Report

In the course of the research that birthed the report, Banbreach was able to track internet traffic and identify all devices on the internet public IP addresses by so doing, and it was possible for the company to examine traffic passing through routers. During this research, Banbreach classified populated areas of India into three sections ranging from most to least dense. Based on the report, 45 percent of the infected routers in India constitute the least densely populated areas.
The Banbreach report revealed that “For the top three cities with the most infected routers, the growth has been [500 percent],” which implies that the number of compromised routers have doubled in September. But in the case of the top three cities with most infected routers in its region, the rate of increase is about five times.

Infect Routers Saga

Inherently, CoinHive is not outrightly a malicious code, but it seems as though it has been employed, as it has become a willing tool in the hands of hackers for illicitly mining virtual currencies on web surfers’ computers. Notably, its code employs a part of all the computing power of a browser to mine altcoins Monero (XMR) illegally.
According to the report, it suggests that the total spoils of the illegal wars from all infected and compromised machines with CoinHive usually generate more than $250,000 every month.
A cybersecurity enthusiast from Mumbai Vipin Nathaw tweeted that he “found the same thing in the router provided by [his] Internet service provider (ISP) a couple of days ago. Probably all the routers used by them are infected and outdated.”Indian Official Website: Prime Target
It is no gainsaying that Indian official government websites have become a prime target for hackers with intentions to attack as about 119 Indian websites run the CoinHive code. Based on earlier reports that broke the internet, it was reported that over 13,500 home routers in India were infected with crypto jacking malware, this rate is very high and would have been the highest globally if not for Brazil.
Based on recently conducted studies especially that of June, it appears that XMR, undeniably, has an “incredible monopoly” on the virtual currencies mined by malware. It further revealed that about $175 million of Monero tokens got mined maliciously, this amounts to about 5% of all XMR in circulation as at press time.

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