Baidu To Implement Blockchain Rewards For Image Rights Project

Baidu, one of the worlds biggest search engines, has announced that they will implement blockchain rewards inside their image copyrights management platform called Totem, according to an article published by CCN. The Chinese giant has been active in the blockchain development and AI investigation and launched this platform in April, but only just recently will start offering rewards to the user for its works.
Baidu, also known as the Chinese Google, is a global conglomerate of services that range from advertising to developers of apps and online services. The Apollo project, impulsed by them, leads the way into the use of AI to achieve autonomous driving in cars, and has partnered with key enterprises: Intel, Nvidia, ZTE, Ford, Hyundai, among others.
Last April, Baidu, worried about the issue of raging image piracy launched Totem, a blockchain based system that will be used to verify the rightful owner of the images registered on its platform. So every rightful owner would register their image and it would be stored in a blockchain with their copyright information.
The images would be scanned by several algorithms to review if such image is already in the blockchain and to make sure that it is original from the user. already several image banks and producers are using this service to maintain ownership of their design works. Bu the process was optional and also there was no incentive for that, just having your image recognized.
Now, Baidu is enabling rewards for these uploads, so people and authors could perceive some revenue based on the images that they add to the blockchain, being owned by them or by others. This could really kickstart and turn this service into the mainstream and help artists to keep their rights secured under this decentralized service. Image piracy is a great problem today, and blockchain can help to solve it through this platform.

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