Friday, July 10, 2020




XRP, Cosmos, Dogecoin Price Analysis: June 15

The past week hasn't been very positive for the altcoin market. Bitcoin continues to hold sway over the crypto markets and as the price...

Ripple’s ODL service goes live with GBP; Azimo confirms

2020 has proved to be quite an unpredictable year. Due to the stagnated economic conditions, many immigrant workers have been unable to send walk-in...

Bank of Korea announces legal advisory panel for CBDC

Many countries around the world have been making significant progress in terms of their developmental efforts for their own central bank digital currency ....

Cardano, Tezos, BAT Price Analysis: 15 June

The past 24-hour's price action for most altcoins wasn't very inspiring. Most altcoins seemed to have followed Bitcoin and have registered significant price drops....

Ethereum short-term Price Analysis: 15 June

Disclaimer: This article attempts to determine the price action of Ethereum on the 15th of June. Ethereum dropped by 5.26% over the last 24-hours owing...

BCH, Chainlink, Zcash Price Analysis: 15 June

During the course of the past 24-hours, the crypto market has seen increased bearish sentiment. In the past 24-hours, the price of Bitcoin fell...

Ethereum gas usage sits at ATH

Over the past couple of months, Ethereum has witnessed strong network fundamentals indicating a positive sentiment as it neared its biggest transition. In another...

Litecoin, Monero and IOTA: Price Analysis, 15 June

The cryptocurrency market has been noting selling pressure entering the market at press time. With the current sell-off, the market has witnessed a change...

For crypto users, trusts may help save taxes

Bitcoin has seen increased interest from institutional investors in the past few years. While the increased regulatory clarity has enabled more investors into the...

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Blockchain Tech Can Verify Credentials, But Beware Credentialism

Blockchain-based credentials can make getting back to work and school easier post-COVID. But we must resist the urge to put every life achievement on...

The Federal Reserve’s Declining Balance Sheet Is Bearish for Bitcoin. Or Is It?

The Fed’s balance sheet just dropped the most in 11 years, but despite popular opinion, that is not necessarily bad news for bitcoin.

Crypto ‘Giveaway’ Scams Continue to Flourish on YouTube

Cryptocurrency scams continue to appear on YouTube, misusing content from influential people in the space and stealing from the gullible.

A Rare Glimpse Into How Crypto Is Really Used in Venezuela

After airdropping cryptocurrency to 60,000 users in Venezuela, AirTM survey results suggest how crypto is really used in the economically troubled nation.

Ethereum and EOSIO Square Up Over Enterprise Blockchain Business in Latin America

With ConsenSys in one corner and LatamLink in the other, a project backed by the Inter-American Development Bank is weighing Ethereum vs. EOS tech.