Australian Woman Allegedly Steals 100,000 XRP Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency theft is still a threat to the crypto community, as yet another criminal was caught after she allegedly hacked into her victim’s email account to steal more than $44,000 worth of XRP.

A Recurring Decima

A 23 years old Australian woman is at the center of a crypto theft after the financial crimes operatives arrested her for allegedly stealing 100,000 XRP from her victim’s account.
The event which occurred in January reveals that the ugly stench of crypto theft is still a major problem in the crypto space. The victim, a 56 years old man accused the suspect of hacking into his account a month before the incident and intentionally locked him out before stealing his cryptos. He got wind of the act when he regained access to his account.
The police authorities alleged that the woman got access into the victim’s account, changed his password, and immediately added a telephone number to the security details of the account, before transferring the XRPs into a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange where it was converted to Bitcoins.
Giving voice to thought on the incident, a Squad commander in the cybercrime division of the New South Wales Police Department, Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis said:

“Your personal information is an extremely valuable commodity to criminals and needs to be treated and secure as you would treat cash.”

The financial crime expert warned that people should be careful with their personal information, and go a little further in ensuring that their information is safe and can not be easily obtained by a third-party. Any leak in the information is a security breach which will make them vulnerable and prone to all forms of attacks from hackers and financial criminals.
Cryptocurrency theft is one major challenge that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the crypto industry, and it’s also one of the major reasons new investors are scared of investing in the digital money market.
Although, government agencies and major exchanges are trying their best to ensure that the wallets of their customers are safe from hacks, the effort, though have helped in some ways. Nevetherless, it’s yet to eradicate the menace as more crypto holders continue to fall victim to hackers and fraudsters who are always equipping themselves with different ideas on how to execute their plans without the knowledge of the unsuspecting victims.