Australian IT Employees Suspected of Illegal Crypto Mining At Work

Following reports of a similar case in Russia where nuclear engineers had been arrested after an attempt to use one of Russia’s biggest supercomputer for crypto mining, and in Kazakhstan where four employees of the Finance Ministry were caught using government property in crypto mining.
Another incident of this manner took place in Australia wherein two employees at the Bureau of Meteorology are currently being investigated for allegedly using the office’s computers to mine cryptocurrency. This was according to a report released today from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) first made an appearance at the Bureau of Meteorology last February 28, with a search warrant for the two employees in question. Unfortunately one had already gone on leave around that time. Currently, no charges have been filed and both the AFP and the Bureau of Meteorology remain mum on the subject.
RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub’s Chris Berg speculates that the suspected employees could have been using the agency’s computational power to mine crypto or they could have been using its electricity so they won’t have to pay their own.

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