Australia to Launch Its First-Ever Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Farm in Coal Town

Australia has been featured in series of news and reports which has shown and further confirms the country’s use of the Blockchain technology. The country is set to establish what can be referred to as the “behind-the-data grid center” which is going to be solar powered and to be developed by Australian data center operator and its cryptocurrency subsidiary, according to a recent report by IT briefs.
The large establishment is located some 200 km South of Perth, coal-mining of collie. It is to be powered by a solar farm to be constructed by a tech company called Hadouken and set to be developed by the data center operator DC two and subsidiary D coin.
According to the company, the issue of cost-effectiveness has been appropriately weighed, and they assure of offering not just the lowest cost but highest density data center in the whole of Australia. However, the center will only be able to provide specific, precise zones designed for hosting the cryptocurrency mining operations aspect of the blockchain technology.
While the company was giving this announcement, the it stated that:

“By providing customized low cost hosting options specifically engineered for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining at globally competitive rates, DC Two & D Coin have been able to attract the interest of both the local and international crypto mining community.”

Judging by estimate, the preceding stages of the center and the solar farm might draw up to 4 megawatts power supply which will readily fall into place in early 2019. These two installations are expected to service each of 30kw (of IT load) rack of 256 IT racks.
It is apparent that the companies namely, Subsidiary D Coin and DC two intends to cater for cryptocurrency mining operations through its hosting. The company stated that:

“In complete crypto mining configuration, using the initial 4MW power availability, the data center could mine about 650 bitcoins per annum worth around $6 million based on current mining and exchange rates.”

The Solar farm construction Company, Hadouken, is expected to have completed the project of construction of solar facilities within 3-6 months with an estimated workforce hire of 40-80 personnel and about  3-4 part-time staffs for the sole purpose of maintenance of the facility in future time. However, the economic development and advantages of this project, media, and some neighbors have reportedly shown certain displeasures stating that the site might be a displeasing sight of rather unsightly.

A Record of Persistence

The persistence is that which is predicated on the actualization of the “behind-the-grid” data center in Australia this year which has come to materialize. Early this year, May precisely, we have witnessed that IoT Group (a Sydney-based blockchain firm)  which is a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)  having announced a collaboration though condition binding, with the domestic seller of Bitcoin mining hardware giant Bitfury to embark on a cryptocurrency mining activities.
As earlier stated that the collaboration was conditional, the condition was related explicitly to Red Bank Power Station in Hunter Valley, and New South Valley which is the proposed decommissioned coal plant that the mining center is expected to be built in. However, the plan was hinged on the possibility of acquiring the said power station which implies that the Aus$190 million deal has grind to a halt owing to this stumbling block.
The bright side of it is that this persistence has been brought to fruition as another set of companies as reported above have been able to develop the said solar farm for blockchain technology. The company has also indicated its intentions to install a battery storage system to be positioned in ten shipping containers as a form of energy reserve for future purposes. Also, the project is scheduled to last for a space of 3-6 months on an eighteen-hectare site. This is indeed a record borne out of persistence.

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