Atari Will Include NFTs in Its Metaverse Project

Atari is working on a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its new gaming platform, Atari Metaverse, according to a press release.
NFTs for Atari Metaverse
Atari’s upcoming line of NFTs will include digital collectibles related to gaming, music, and other media.
Atari’s efforts are being carried out through Bondly Finance, an NFT firm that previously created the “PolkaPets” series of NFTs and the anime-themed Bondly Collectible Card Game.
The NFT series will be a key part of Atari’s upcoming Metaverse platform. According to Bondly CEO Brandon Smith, creators will be able to mint NFTs on Atari Metaverse “and distribute [them] to fans, which then become access passes to new superfan experiences.” A specific NFT line will be announced in the coming weeks.
Users will be able to buy Atari’s NFTs with the Atari token (ATRI), the Bondly token (BONDLY), and a number of major cryptocurrencies.
Atari and Blockchain
Atari has previously announced other cryptocurrency-related endeavors, including an Ethereum-based casino and an accompanying token (ATRI). It has also partnered with the Litecoin Foundation to accept LTC payments on some of its services.
However, Atari has been subject to criticism. Decades after its apex, Atari is no longer the gaming giant it once was. It is now a brand that has been sold and divided numerous times. That arguably makes Atari’s embrace of crypto less notable than it may initially seem.
Regardless, Atari’s crypto efforts have attracted significant attention within the cryptocurrency community.
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