News True Airdrop Parachutes $100,000 Wallet Into Scottish Highlands

Ico’s can be dangerous investments because some of them could be fraudulent, and even if they are not, there is always the risk of not being listed in any exchange in the long run. But in this case,, the most prolific questions and answers platform in the net, has given this expression a totally new meaning.
The organization has set up a new publicity stunt that involves a very different airdrop than ICO hunters are used to, as reported by The Independent Republic. According to the source, has parachuted (yes, airdropped) a hard cryptocurrency wallet with more than $100,000 worth of their yet to be released ICO token into the Scottish highlands. After this, they have buried the wallet and they are encouraging anyone that feels capable to search it to retrieve its fund for himself. While it might sound like an adventure for some, the Scottish Highlands could be a dangerous place for untrained people, and encouraging non-prepared people to face the wilderness could put in jeopardy their health.
But this kind of stunts is not really new for this company’s ICO team. Earlier this year, a team of climbers went to the Everest to try and make the same stunt: climb the mount and bury more than $50,000 dollars worth of their token in the top (with the idea of “mooning” the prices). But the expedition did not go so well, the weather got progressively worse, and while there were evacuated safely, a guide that helped in the evacuation of the team called Lam Babu Sherpa was reported missing and possibly dead after the operation.
It seems that the more absurd the situation that they put cryptocurrency lovers, the more their upcoming ICO get publicity. We’ll see if anyone is brave and reckless enough to go for the “treasure” now buried deep in Scotland wilderness, to benefit from the most dangerous and awkward airdrop to this date.

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