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Arthur Hayes seeks voluntary surrender in Hawaii court with $10 million bail

Lawyers for the former CEO of crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX are proposing Hayes’ voluntary appearance on April 6, with his potential release on bail subject to a $10 million personal recognizance bond.
Lawyers negotiating on behalf of  Arthur Hayes, one of four BitMEX executives and co-owners accused of violating the Bank Secrecy Act by United States authorities, have finalized the terms of his proposed voluntary surrender to a Hawaii court on April 6.As a letter submitted to the Southern District Court of New York outlines, the counsel’s negotiations with the government on behalf of Hayes began shortly after his indictment was unsealed in Oct. 2020. The proposed bail conditions, which are subject to the court’s approval, stipulate that Hayes, who has lived in Singapore since Jan. 2020, would potentially be released on a $10 million personal recognizance bond, secured by $1 million in cash and co-signed by his mother.Further proposed conditions include Hayes’ retention of a passport for travel between Singapore and the U.S., and his execution of a waiver of extradition in a form that would be mutually agreed by the government and Hayes’ defense. Citing logistical challenges associated with travel during the COV-19 pandemic, the counsel requests that Hayes be release on the date of his initial appearance on April 6, assuming the bond is co-signed within ten days of that date and that he pays the $1 million cash security within five days.The letter indicates that the U.S. government has been in contact with the local FBI office in Honolulu to …
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