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Applicature Partners Neblio to Drive Quality Projects On The Blockchain

On April 3, Applicature, a blockchain development agency announced its partnership with Neblio, a blockchain platform developed in 2017. Their collaboration will provide the required support needed by projects that are based on the Neblio blockchain in order to give them a solid foundation.

Partnership to Offer Expert and Qualified Support to Neblio

Per the press release, Applicature and Neblio have partnered in order for the development agency to offer expert, qualified, and pro bono assistance to projects based on the Neblio blockchain. The partnership will also enable these projects to enhance their strategies and high-level roadmap development. As a result, this will help to facilitate the development of Neblio blockchain projects.

According to Applicature, several companies and enterprises who have the interest to implement the blockchain do not have a multi-layered evaluation of their product’s feasibility. The same goes for the product’s full-cycle technical support which would’ve led to their high-quality entrance into the blockchain industry.

Supporting the Growth of Projects

That being the case, partnering with Applicature is their goal is to support the growth of these projects in a bid to give them a solid entrepreneurial foundation. Projects also stand to gain a 15% discount on their first service suite that is ordered.

A closer look at each of these platforms shows that Applicature focuses on the development of smart contracts. It also researches, deploys, and provides customized blockchain solutions. So far, it has been involved in over 100 projects that are targeted at the fintech, real estate, health care, among several other sectors.

The blockchain development agency also serves as a company technical adviser and a consultancy for token offerings. Eddy Smith, the co-founder of Neblio while commenting on the partnership with Applicature said they look forward to offering Applicature’s clients the Neblio blockchain platform in order to foster the development of projects on it.

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Neblio’s Interest in Developing Solutions

Neblio, on the other hand, has an interest in developing solutions which will significantly simplify the complex barriers of adopting blockchain technology. Thus, its partnership with Applicature “is to foster the establishment of a solid entrepreneurial foundation for projects.” Its blockchain platform offers intuitive tools, APIs, and services that help to foster the adoption of the distributed ledger technology.

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While commenting on the development, Ihor Pidruchny, Applicature’s CEO said:

Neblio is a great project with the talented team backing it up! We plan to work together on specific verticals and use cases designed to drive further adoption and shape monetization for blockchain tech

In 2019, several companies around the world are looking into the area of blockchain and many more can be expected before the year runs out. Like the private sector, governments are also showing an interest in the sphere and that is evident in the use of the distributed ledger for the launch of online voting systems and other use cases.

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