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Apple’s New Feature Includes Bitcoin Glyphs As One Of Its Shortcuts

Bitcoin and the industry of cryptocurrency have been around for over 5 years now but the estimated year of its mainstream adoption is still set on 2025, according to the latest survey. Still, thousands of crypto enthusiasts wished to use and see cryptos around the world every day using cell phones. Now, it seems like this wish had been granted as the world’s famous technology company — Apple, recently launched their new iPhones and bitcoin was included on one of its functions.

The Apple company is a known supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and this recognition made a stunning remark on their latest set of iPhones. According to the launch, the new lineup would be functioned by its new operating system iOS 12 and the newest shortcuts include the symbol of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Before the launching of the iOS 12 operated-iPhones, Apple already updated its Siri extension called the ‘Shortcuts’ buttons in which the bitcoin glyphs are located. Apple users are now able to choose between two unique bitcoin glyphs in the Shortcuts application. A glyph is a symbol used for different kinds of representation in which in this case is for the shortcut of the term ‘Bitcoin’.

Apple assures its users that the bitcoin glyphs are designed for the convenience of the crypto-owners and enthusiasts due to its function that shows the different information and news about crypto such as daily monitoring of the crypto value in the market. Yet before you can use this feature, the Shortcuts app must be tethered to Siri first and the user can now deploy the glyph in the shortcuts tab.

Aside from its daily update on cryptocurrency, the glyph can also be used for changing of its background colors. Furthermore, Apple explained that, although the glyphs can be seen in keyboards, they cannot be used for emojis for conversation in a normal keyboard.

The feedback from the crypto industry for this new feature is set to be remarkably positive as the community wishes this step to be a stepping stone for the cryptocurrency to be understood and adopted by the larger masses as iPhones are widely-used all over the world.

Crypto Enters the Frame

Along with Apple’s new feature, another great news for the industry is the recent addition of the bitcoin symbol to the Unicode standard. Crypto owner Ken Shirriff requested the symbol for over 6 years now and the result is now out in this year. The bitcoin symbol is now added along with the 8,518 characters and 56 new emojis.

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