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Apple Restores High Ranking Crypto Podcast on US iTunes Store

Today, Nov, 7 Apple has restored a crypto podcast called ‘Off the Chain’ which was removed from the US iTunes Store on Nov, 5. The said podcast by the Anthony Pompliano was ranking on 4th position on the site’s Industry category at the time of its removal. This was brought to light when the maker of the podcast shared what had been done with his 166,000 followers on Twitter.

The podcast which is also on Google Play and Spotify describe what Bitcoins is, how government fiat currencies are bound to fail, and how banks should consider adopting digital assets like Bitcoin. At the time of its removal, only users who had already downloaded it could listen to its content from their iOS devices.

In an earlier tweet by Pompliano, he stated that;

Last week we released a podcast discussing the ultimate argument for Bitcoin. It exploded & ranked #4 in US investing category before mysteriously being taken down by @Apple. We had no warning. We don’t know why. They took down our podcast, but they can’t take down Bitcoin!”

While responding to his message, some users of the platform were of the opinion that the reason for the removal was due to keyword stuffing which the US-based company has been trying to combat of late. It is a known fact that stuffing keywords in a description can significantly impact on ranking and if it the result returned is not related to the query, it could mislead the searcher.

On the other hand, some users were not easily swayed by that fact and believed that this was part of Apple’s scheme not to show support to Cryptocurrency. This was attributed to the fact that Apple had recently updated its software to prevent users of the Mac from mining these digital assets on their computer.

Nevertheless, it seems Pompliano’s thousands of followers were able to intervene and convince Apple to restore the trending Podcast because 48 hours later, it was. This was confirmed in another tweet made by the cryptoanalyst that;

Apple has finally restored the Off The Chain podcast thanks to all of your tweets, emails, and messages.

As proof that the item has been restored, when one searches on the store for “Off the Chain”, a result is returned instead of the former error message, “the item you’ve requested is not currently in the US store”. While this event has gotten the attention of several crypto enthusiasts, it has still not changed the mindset of others as to how Apple feels when it comes to cryptocurrency.

A similar event was from the URL shortening service, who blocked about 200 links to cryptocurrency sites in the book, Mastering Ethereum written by Andreas Antonopoulos. The links in the book which were shortened using the company’s service redirects to an error page. But in this case, users are still hoping that the block on these links will be lifted.

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