Sunday, June 16, 2019

Apple Adds Bitcoin Icon, Takes Significant Step towards the Cryptocurrency Industry

Prominent tech giant Apple has now added the Bitcoin currency symbol to its new icon set, a move that alights conveniently how slow and cautious Apple has been towards the cryptocurrency industry.

A ‘Little’ Important Step

The recent addition of the Bitcoin currency symbol to an ever-growing set of icons would not be setting the Bitcoin community on fire just yet. It is not the most ground-breaking of innovations or developments, and not many iOS users would be jumping up at the idea of a new Bitcoin icon. Not even bitcoin enthusiasts, it won’t drive Bitcoin valuation any time soon or in the far future. However, Apple’s willingness to add the cryptocurrency icon is a step in the right direction, no matter how slow or late it has come.

Apple might as well be the snail in a race of Bugattis and Nitro cars fighting to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry, but it is good enough that the snail has finally come out of its shell to make a move. Apple’s hesitance to embracing the cryptocurrency sector as puzzling as it seems is quite understandable. And while Google has had its problems with fighting off the dark dealings of the cryptocurrency world it has so generously embraced, Apple is doing all it can to do prevent it in the first place.

Apple has consistently prided itself as an ethical company and its every decision has been arguably based on this premise. ‘Ethical’, however, might be subjective, and if you don’t understand that by now, Google’s motto of ‘Don’t be Evil’ couldn’t have made it any clearer.

Similar tech companies like Google and Facebook have been doing all they can to impose stricter measures on cryptocurrency-related developments on their platforms like ICOs and all, but Google’s major Android app platform, Google Play, has been more open and embracing. Apple addressed the common issue by imposing stricter measures on cryptocurrency-related apps on their store exactly this time last year, in what would be the second significant involvement of Apple in the cryptocurrency industry after its approval of the Dash Wallet in 2017.

Master of Little Things

If any company has so perfected the art of little and humble things like this, it would be Apple. The company’s unique user interfaces and hardware designs are simple, classy and significantly expensive.

The soon-to-be-unveiled new Mac Pro scheduled to launch at $6000 to an upwards of almost $50,000 is a good example of this; it is not only because its design has been compared to a humble cheese grater. If you think any development is too little or insignificant, don’t be too sure and remember Apple is the master of the noblest, most little of things.

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