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Aphex Twin Sells Surprise NFT on Ethereum for $130,000

Richard D. James of Aphex Twin joins the NFT boom. 
Aphex Twin Now on Ethereum 
The pioneering electronic musician best known as Aphex Twin has sold a tokenized piece of his music for $130,000. 
James minted the piece as a unique token on Ethereum then put it up as a 24-hour auction on the NFT app Foundation on Saturday night. Bidding closed at 72 ETH on Sunday, worth $130,124.16 at today’s prices. The winning bid came from a user called artoninternet. 
James announced the auction through Twitter as it went live on Saturday. 

I’m on @withFND 🌐
— Aphex Twin (@AphexTwin) March 14, 2021
The piece is titled “/afx/weirdcore.” It features a video clip by Weirdcore, James’ longtime visual art collaborator. According to the listing, Freeka Tet also had technical input. 
James also confirmed that his team would spend a portion of the proceeds on “planting trees and either donating to permaculture projects or setting them up ourselves,” depending on the final price. 
The Music Industry Eyes NFTs
NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, have found a place in the mainstream spotlight this year, thanks to growing interest among musicians and other creators.
Last week, digital artist Beeple made history when his art piece “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” sold for $69.34 million in a Christie’s auction. 
Some have been quick to call the space a bubble, while others have taken the opportunity to revive conversations around the …
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