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Antalya Homes Sells 9 Houses in Turkey For Bitcoin

Despite Bitcoin’s price trend in 2018, its adoption is on the rise. The number of people with cryptocurrency wallets has increased by 32 percent and as of 2018, there were 31 million users. In the same vein, Bitcoin and altcoins are currently being used to make payments for goods and services in a number of countries. Among these nations is Turkey, a European country where real estate property can be purchased using cryptocurrencies.

Antalya Homes Accepts Bitcoin for 9 Houses in Turkey

Specifically, Antalya Homes, an international real estate company has been enabling foreign investors to obtain homes. In 2018, the company sold 9 houses for Bitcoin. According to Bayram Tekce, Chairman of the company, people can purchase a house in Turkey whose start price is 30 thousand Euros (9 BTC).

Antalya Homes’ Chairman also stated that accepting cryptocurrencies for payments is more reliable and faster. The transaction can be compared to money transfer carried out by banks where there is no exchange loss. Moreover, accepting digital assets provides investors with another means of using their cryptocurrencies in a risk-free and safer manner.

Bayram Tekce also said:

We created a special section named “Pay with Bitcoin” on the Antalya Homes website for all questions related to purchasing houses with cryptocurrency

Turkey’s Recession Encourages Crypto Adoption

Turkey, on the other hand, has reportedly been facing recession over the past year and the same can be said about the falling rates of the Lira. A majority of the nation’s population are youths who are open-minded to modern technology and are attracted to investment schemes whose profit margin is high.

Unarguably, cryptocurrencies which are based on Blockchain technology are one of such and it has garnered the interest of these people. In the case of housing, over 40,000 homes have been sold. Some of them were purchased using virtual assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple’s XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Tether and even Stellar.

People are Selling Their Homes for Bitcoin

BTCNN also informed on February 4 that people in Australia are selling their homes for Bitcoin. These are homes that are valued at thousands of dollars and an advert portraying a home that is on the market outlined that “We are happy to accept Bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency instead of Australian dollars for this property.”

Asides from the real estate sector, Bitcoin is also accepted in industries such as food, travel, information technologies, transportation. In the case of the food sector, reputable food portals in Germany, Russia, and Denmark, and accepting the asset. Likewise, the first online bookstore in India in December 2018 allowed books to be purchased using the asset.

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