Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Anonymous User Offers $1 million in Bitcoin (BTC) Treasure Hunt

We’re about to see one of the biggest treasure hunt in the cryptocurrency industry after a user anonymously posted on the Blockstream Satellite real-time data service. While the message itself sounds like out of space with a mix of magic here and there, what bounty hunters are more interested in, is the $1 million grand prize that will be paid in Bitcoin.

Anonymous User Sends Message to Earth

An anonymous user has sent a message to we earthlings and according to the message dated April 13th, if we’re reading its content, then it means it has finally landed on our planet. It was expected to arrive at exactly the fourth month of the year and in the middle of the month.

According to the message, those who have a quest for excitement in this predictable world of ours are welcome to the bounty hunt. The treasure to be won is neither gold, silver, nor “pieces of worthless paper” that is called money in our current age, but Bitcoin worth $1 million.

Good Knowledge of Cryptography Required for Bounty Hunt

While the treasure itself sounds good, it appears the bounty is for those who have good knowledge about cryptography. It is also for those who know more than the prices shown on CoinMarketcap’s platform. According to the poster, it is a test of courage, resolve, intelligence and savvy-hunters.

More details about the proposed hunt show that it involves locating 1,000 pieces of the Bitcoin treasure which have been hidden in different places. In order to locate these pieces, hunters are required to work as a clan to locate 400 pieces from what’s missing. However, clues have been provided to the first three pieces and their locations revealed in coded form.

In the Poster own words:

However, my first 3 keys are available to anyone who can make a simple journey to one of the following locations planetside. Of course, if you have an understanding of cryptography you might be able to get these clues without going there

Street Artist in Paris Also Launched Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

A Bitcoin treasure hunt of this kind brings to memory that which occurred in January. At the time, Pascal Boyart, a well-known street artist in Paris created a Bitcoin puzzle in a mural depicting the Yellow Vest event in France. The prize for solving the puzzle was $1,000.

On March 20, the street artist revealed that someone had made a donation of 1 Bitcoin to his street art QR code’s donation address. Other amounts that were donated are 5 Bitcoin cash, and 1.25 Litecoin.

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