BitMEX’s New COO Angelina Kwan Joins the Crypto Space at “An Exciting Time”

Angelina Kwan, former managing director and head of regulatory compliance for Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing, is taking on the position of COO of BitMEX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, at a time when the challenges facing these exchanges are greater than ever.
When she was interviewed, Kwan told: “It is a very exciting time for me to be joining the company. In the last three months, BitMEX broke the industry record for daily bitcoin trading volume twice and also launched two sophisticated financial products: ETH/USD perpetual swaps, and UPs and DOWNs (our first call and put options).”
This will be Kwan’s first experience working in the cryptocurrency world and, while BitMEX is registered in the Seychelles Islands, she is looking forward to building the company’s presence in Hong Kong, a recognized global hub for cryptocurrency innovation.
“Hong Kong is a great place to be with its fast pace of innovation, and evolution in technology and financial services. It’s a great springboard to China, the broader Asia region, and the rest of the world,”
The CEO and co-founder of BIMEX Arthur Hayes said: “Welcoming Angelina — experienced in traditional finance and regulation — to the BitMEX team is a significant milestone not just for our company, but for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. I believe Angelina’s decision to join us is a signal that the global markets are shifting focus to the rapidly-expanding domain of crypto-coins.”
Kwan’s significant regulatory compliance experience, including eight years with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC), will be important as cryptocurrency businesses come under increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies like the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S.
Kwan says she will be continuing the BitMEX practice of proactively monitoring and assessing the evolving global regulatory landscape.
“Regulatory compliance and prudent risk management is, and has always been, fundamental to the culture and practice of BitMEX globally. As such, BitMEX prohibits residents of various jurisdictions, including the U.S., from holding positions or entering into contracts on BitMEX,” said Kwan.
A recent report suggests that most of its users are in America, so any ruling, for example, would have a major impact. Recognizing the growing importance of regulatory compliance, Hayes said: “Angelina’s vast experience in regulation, trading platforms, business development, restructuring, and investor and stakeholder relations will be pivotal as we continue the push towards mainstream cryptocurrency adoption and broaden our community”.
One of the reasons Kwan chose BITMEX was that they are an exchange that supports promoting women in stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). “BitMEX has made its commitment to meritocracy clear and is sending the message that women with deep backgrounds in finance and business can execute at the highest level within cryptocurrency companies,” insisted Kwan.
Kwan is a member of the women association and vice president of The Women’s Foundation based on Hong Kong.
The women mentorship foundation, Kwan explains, offers “programs, mentorship, and training to encourage women and girls to complete STEM programs so as to build a pipeline of female talent.”’
But Kwann says that even these measures are not enough. “we have to provide women to help and inspire all other men, especially in the form of the direction of the stem fields, to support and offering opportunities for the supply of women to grow.”
kwan notes that only 5 % of the crypto lovers are women, and notes that women amount for only 20 percent of the technical labor industry.
Kwan’s has extensive experience and worked with global financial services in Asia, and she has what it takes to grow Bitmex.
“I will be responsible for supervising and driving cryptocurrency growth, ”, Kwan said, “while the executive starts to offer innovative financial products for the global cryptocurrency industry.”
Kwan spearheaded the restructuration of a financial services company, changed the company’s business model, and worked on the establishment of new operations and companies.
But Kwan told us that her most memorable accomplishments “have been joining organizations that are at the cusp of making a major breakthrough, so it’s with a sense of great excitement that I take on the challenge of driving BitMEX to new market heights”.

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