Analysis: TRON’s Decentralized App Ecosystem Remains Fastest Growing in 2019, a website that conducts research on decentralized applications has analyzed the major blockchains with their decentralized applications containing the highest number of users. The Dapp survey platform took a comprehensive analysis on the Ethereum, EOS, Steem and TRON blockchain systems and found out that in terms of active users, TRON leads the decentralized app ecosystem.

Statistics for the Major Blockchains

In the report, it was stated that TRON came first with 303,747 active users. EOS came second with 262,450 active users. Ethereum surprisingly grabbed the third position with 186,544 users. Steem occupied the fourth position with 66,936 active users.

Ethereum, however, led the charts with total users. Ethereum has a total of 1,151,657 decentralized app users. Steem came in second with 542,777. TRON came third with 357,953 (which is very impressive considering their total users to active user ratio), and EOS came in fourth with 334,480 total users.

Unsurprisingly, TRON had the highest user activeness ratio at 84.86%. EOS was second with a rate of 78.47% user activeness. Ethereum’s user activeness was quite low at 16.20%, and Steem came in fourth with 12.33% user activeness.

In terms of dApp activeness, EOS had 326 active apps out of 341 total dApps, Steem had 69 active dApps out of 82 total dApps, TRON had 157 active dApps out of 187 total dApps, and Ethereum had 752 active dApps out of 1,343 dApps.

Individual Analysis of the dApp Ecosystem of the Blockchains

The report stated about Ethereum that the horrible rate of Ethereum’s user activeness might be because of the difference between lesser dApp users and higher Ethereum mainnet wallet addresses. The report further said that Ethereum’s dApp users last year were gradually leaving, with only 72,422 returning users. These 72,422 users constituted less than 7% of the total number of users last year.

The report also noted that games on the Ethereum blockchain keep on drawing the highest number of users. 40% of active dApp users on the Ethereum blockchain are gamers, indicating that games based on the Ethereum blockchain have garnered loyal users. The statistics revealed that developers chose Ethereum’s blockchain as their first choice platform to build their apps.

The study also noted TRON as the swiftest growing dApp ecosystem this year with increased growth in mainnet wallets and number of users. TRON also had increased transactions levels reaching a $91 million peak on the 15th of March this year, a level which goes beyond the transaction levels of Ethereum and EOS dApps.

The report had this to say on the EOS platform;

“The distribution of the EOS dApp volume has changed a lot from 2018. Last year, EOS gambling dApps accounted for a striking 99% of its total volume.”

However, the EOS dApps ecosystem now contains a variety of apps from other niches which include games and financial services. Interestingly, gambling remains the niche with the highest number of active users on dApps.

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