Wednesday, February 19, 2020

An Ad Shows That Google Does Not Like Crypto; Or Does It?

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Yesterday, the Google advertising machine was working hard, and for a good reason: their new flagship phone, the Pixel 3, was released, accompanied by the whole publicity paraphernalia that seems to embezzle all of this launches. Nonetheless, a little innocent ad that might be seen like a cute and even funny thing, has shown the world the kind of stance that Google has over cryptocurrencies.

In the ad, called “Call Screen: Know who’s calling and why”, that already has more than a hundred thousand views on Youtube, cryptocurrencies are referred to as non-money. It depicts a classical instance of why we must first try to know who’s calling and shows the amazing capabilities of the Pixel 3 to interact directly with an individual making a spam call as if it was a digital assistant. The next call that the poor man receives is an advice from his power company telling him that the power bill for this month is really high; and he says that of course, cryptocurrency mining is a process that consumes a lot of energy.

The cryptic part of the story starts here: his companion abruptly tells her that cryptocurrency is not real money. And this seems to represent the stance that Google has taken about cryptocurrencies since the start of this year, when every ad regarding cryptocurrency exchanges, ICOs or cryptocurrency startups of any kind was banned from Google, and also from Facebook too. Some say that even the FBI had its hands on that resolution.

Although the ban has already been lifted, this seems to be a punch in the gut from a multi-billion software (and hardware) giant that seems to have its hands all over everything on Earth. Of all the million things that Google could have leveraged to make a fun ad, why did they have to focus on cryptocurrencies and call them that way? It a casualty too big to ignore.

But the real punchline is that in the end, the troubled man launches a fierce rebuttal at the woman telling her that money is also not real after all. So this ad could be disregarding all the financial system as a whole and not only cryptocurrencies. Maybe Google just wanted to play a prank on the whole cryptocurrency community in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

But, ironically, thanks to this ad, more than a hundred thousand people have been introduced to cryptocurrencies in an indirect way, a thing that tells us that there is nothing as bad publicity.

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