Amazon and ConsenSys to Introduce Ethereum Marketplace to Boost Blockchain Projects

A subordinate of the venture production studio, ConsenSys, called Kaleido is launching an  Ethereum marketplace comprising of plug and play services to aid projects on the blockchain network, while advancing from proof-of-concept to live production business networks.
The product, which was announced by the firm in Lisbon at the Web Summit, works hand in hand with the Cloud Computing Services arm of Amazon, AWS (Amazon Web Services) in order to launch the enterprise blockchain platform.
The company made a statement confirming that those who adopted the Kaleido Marketplace early in after its launch have eliminated 80% of the custom code needed to set up their blockchain project, and in the process saving a lot of time and energy to concentrate on the next major item in their roadmap.

Marketplace for Plug and Play Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

The plug and play tools featured on both Kaleido and Amazon Web Services in conjunction with third-party developers will be implemented fully on the new platform. Earlier this year in August, PwC directed a survey that revealed 84% of executives stated that their organizations were ‘actively involved’ with distributed ledger technology.
The limited availability of skilled workforce and talent in the blockchain industry, however, subject these firms to struggling with the completion of their blockchain solutions to kick-start operations on them. The marketplace is a hub of native AWS integrations, HD wallets for privacy and ID registries for organizational identity.
Tools and services on the blockchain such as smart contract oracles, supply chain management, and real-time legal contracts will also be featured on the platform. Over one thousand blockchain networks have been created by firms as a result of the aid given by Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud. The chief operations officer and co-founder of Kaleido, Sophia Lopez stated that;

“We’ve seen successful patterns of deployment as enterprise networks go into production and we’ve baked these best practices into the Kaleido Marketplace services, to help radically simplify the adoption of blockchain and eliminate some of the specialized blockchain expertise needed.”

Features Added to the New Platform

The co-founder and CEO of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny shed more light on the issue. He said that apart from the distributed ledger, there is a lot more to an enterprise blockchain project, and there are several other application, data and infrastructure components needed. He further stated that the platform built jointly by Amazon Web Services and ConsenSys had the singular major goal of helping firms adopt the use of the blockchain in their everyday operations.
This announcement was made at the Web Summit in Lisbon, and it portrays just how ConsenSys has advanced in the race to implement enterprise blockchain solutions.
ConsenSys, in the past few years since its inception, have been a regular mention in the media and have lately been reported for partnering with ING Bank, Citigroup, MUFG Bank, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Koch Supply & Trading and Shell to establish a platform based on Ethereum through a new firm called Komgo.
Komgo’s CEO stated that the firm uses the marketplace to choose top-notch protocols in development and use existing building blocks for an optimized solution.

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