AirdropVenezuela Raising $1 Million in Cryptocurrency For Venezuelans

AirdropVenezuela has embarked on raising $1 million for Venezuelans in Cryptocurrency. This is aimed at impacting the lives of the impoverished Venezuelans positively.

AirdropVenezuela and Fundraising Goal

Airdropvenezuela is a fundraising organization aimed at distributing donations to Venezuelans and also introduce them to Cryptocurrency, which the organization described as real money. The organization has embarked on a goal to raise $1 million Cryptocurrencies for Venezuelans. The donations are to be made into the organization’s crypto wallets in Bitcoin Cash, Airtm, Zcash (t-addr), Zcash (z-addr, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Burst, Ripple, Stellar, Ethereum Classic, Horizen, and Komodo.
The project is being powered by Airtm, an e-wallet connected to bank and emoney system all over their world. This is in use by most Venezuelans and has become an expert at authenticating digital identities to prevent fraud. The fund that will be raised will be sent in crypto-connected digital money to 100,000 ID-authenticated Venezuelans, distributing $10 each straight to their Airtm e-wallet.
The fundraising campaign was made known via a tweet post of AirdropVenezuela that:

Venezuela and Poor Economic Condition

As noted by Airdropvenezuela on its website, the country should be among one of the prosperous countries because of its oil reserve which is among the largest in the world as well as its educated populace. However, the contrast is the case in the country.
The poor economic condition of the country which has been a result of poor leadership, economic policies, as well as sanctions, has made many fled the country to other Latin American neighboring states. The increasing daily inflation has rendered the local currency of the country valueless.
Meanwhile, the hyperinflation has made the president of the country to introduce the first national Cryptocurrency in the world, as a means to salvage the economy of the country from the effects of inflation. The digital currency has been plagued with a lot of controversies since its announcement and launch and has been tagged to fail from the onset.
Equally, most Venezuelans have been resulting in the use of Cryptocurrencies for storage of value since the national currency is no longer viable for such. As airdropvenezuela continues to introduce the citizens to Cryptocurrencies, joining the donation as crypto enthusiasts and investors will be impacting the lives of impoverished Venezuelans positively.

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