Airdroprating Helps You Find the Best Crypto Airdrops

Did you know you can get your wallet funded with cryptocurrency without ever spending a dime? It’s possible! But first, meet Airdroprating, a reliable website that helps you find the best crypto airdrops with the most potential. Airdroprating verifies that an airdrop is legit, which helps you select rare gems among stones. It also ensures you make good money from airdrops. But what are airdrops? Read on to find out!

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Cryptocurrency airdrops involve the distribution of tokens or coins to numerous wallet addresses. Owners of these wallets have to meet certain criteria for their wallets to be funded with tokens. The most common criteria include following the project backing the airdrop on social media and sharing their updates on your social media pages.

Now, you may be wondering, how profitable is an airdrop or are crypto airdrops worth it? Definitely! Cryptocurrencies like OMG, Bitcoin Diamond (30), Hydro (222,222), Viuly, and Polymath were once issued as airdrops. And once they hit the market, their price were $2,800, $2,000, $1,300, $600, $225 respectively. So you get the big picture now?

Airdroprating Rates the Best Crypto Airdrops

Accordingly, Airdroprating is a website that rates the best crypto airdrops. Given that there are a lot of crypto projects offering free crypto, it helps you channel your valuable time and energy on the best ones. These are projects whose coins have the highest potential to turn into a profit once they hit the market.

Features of Airdroprating

Airdroprating offers the following features to help you find the latest or upcoming crypto airdrops. These features include:

Airdrop Rating:

The rating factor on Airdroprating gives you a good idea of how the airdrop might turn out in the near future. It takes into consideration the amount of time, effort and tools needed to participate in the airdrop, amongst other factors. This rating goes from 1 to 10, with 10 indicating that the airdrop is very legit. Therefore, you can focus on the ones that have been highly rated.

Airdrop Information:

Airdroprating has painstakingly reviewed the airdrops it features on its platform. It shows you the most important information about each airdrop such as the estimated value of the token, deadline for the event, etc. There’s also a detailed guide on how to complete the requirements of any given airdrop listed on the platform. Therefore, whether you’re new or old to the crypto space, you can complete any airdrop task easily.

Live Widget:

If you’ll like to inform your site’s visitors of the best airdrops out there, you can take advantage of the Airdroprating widget. Accordingly, readers on your site can be pointed in the right direction on crypto projects they should keep a close eye on.


You can make good money with airdrops if you can find the best out there. It all begins with using a platform like Airdroprating to find and focus on the legit ones. In the end, you would’ve saved yourself the stress of completing tasks that won’t yield remarkable profits.

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