Aeternity to Offer Scholarships to Blockchain Enthusiasts in Liechtenstein and Bulgaria

Aeternity, a Blockchain platform wants to offer scholarships to Blockchain enthusiasts in Liechtenstein and Bulgaria. A Blockchain foundation has been set up in both regions and funds will be given to startups to aid in the research and development of their projects. The company has outlined that they aim to bridge the gap between modern technology and society.

Liechtenstein Crypto Foundation to Fund Global Blockchain Projects

Aeternity Crypto Foundation Liechtenstein is one of the organizations that will be set up in the European country. Startups in the region and around the world whose researches are focused on the area of Blockchain, Cryptography, and Mathematics will receive funds. The company has decided that these funds will be about $1 million in the form of cryptocurrency.
According to the Blockchain platform, these are projects that will be impactful on the society and help to encourage the adoption of the distributed ledger technology. Also, Blockchain enthusiasts, as well as analytical thinkers, will be educated to enable them to gain a qualification that will allow them to seek jobs within the industry.

Bulgaria Crypto Foundation to Fund Local Startups

Aeternity Foundation Bulgaria is the second organization that will be formed. But this time, it will only focus on projects in Balkan. Nikola Stojanow, æternity Foundation Bulgaria chairman, revealed that their objective is to put Bulgaria on the Blockchain map. This is because there are a lot of untapped potentials in the country when it comes to Blockchain technology.
Accordingly, individuals, groups, and companies have been encouraged to submit their applications for review. They will then be funded to aid in research and development of such projects. This will help to mend the rift between modern technology and society while improving different sectors of the economy

Governmental and Non-governmental Funding Blockchain Projects

The government and private organizations have been funding Blockchain projects of late to promote its growth. They have all noted that this a technology can be beneficial to the society. Therefore, people need to be educated on its use and the areas that are in dire need of its application.
The French parliament, for instance, proposed that €500 million should be invested in the development of Blockchain projects in the next five years. The country noted that they are not with the current trends when it comes to the DLT as well as Artificial Intelligence. As a result, they were ready to take the lead and also encourage Blockchain companies in the country.

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