AERON Redefining the Airline Industry with Blockchain Technology

The idea of incorporating Aviation safety into a Blockchain technology network is probably one of the most brilliant applications of Blockchain technology in solving real-life problems since it’s inception. Aeron, a blockchain-based company, 3 years after its introduction has sure achieved some great feat.

Aeron was founded and created by a team of professional pilots, aviation engineers, and enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2016, its major aim being to use Blockchain technology to reduce air transport-related accidents which currently stands at about 3,000 cases per year.

Why Aeron?

Some of the leading cause of air casualties is lack of experience among pilots, negligence of aircraft operation by corrupt fly schools and also fraud and forgery of flight log data by pilots. When aviation data and records are falsified and compromised, there is in turn usually an increase in yearly flight-related accidents. Blockchain technology is like a public register that cannot be falsified, Aeron was created with the initial goal of having a global aviation registrar on a decentralized platform thus bringing the Blockchain technology closer to the Aviation industry.

The Core System of AERON

No doubt, the Aeron core system is designed on a blockchain network. But how does it work? Their Network is a decentralized global register of Aviation schools and Small private Aircraft rentals. This register also allows for the recording and storage of Pilots flight log and Aircraft maintenance log. Given the way Blockchain works, once a pilot enters a piece of log information, this information cannot be compromised by anyone though the entire flight log can be viewed by the public. This way, the public can always verify if a pilot is qualified according to what they present. In addition to this, the Aviation industry is saved the encumbrance of dealing with logbooks and years of record of transactions.

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Aeron register smart contract can also execute the rental agreement between pilots and aircraft owners. Aeron is often referred to as “airline in a pocket”.

To improve its safety in the aviation industry, Aeron initially introduced a portal that can be used to book flights and find aviation schools all over the world. Later was incorporated into Ethereum Blockchain. Powering the entire Aeron platform is their token called ARN. ARN token is required to write access to the Aeron register as well as to record information. ARN token is available on some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binance and HiBTC.

AERON later launched its app that allows flight logs to be irreversibly stored on the Blockchain. It was made available for both Android and iOS. There are a total of three available user interfaces –

  1. The Pilot Application
  2. Company Application
  3. Passenger Use Case.

The utility token by passengers who asses the passenger use case is also ARN. Built on the Ethereum blockchain platform, Aeron has provided a comprehensive system for pilots, passengers, and technicians alike.

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