Wednesday, July 15, 2020

ACSIS and Cryptowerk Partner to Deliver Tamper-Proof Traceability Across the Supply Chain

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ACSIS, a leading provider of digital supply chain solutions and Cryptowerk, a leading provider of data integrity solutions leveraging blockchain to notarize digital assets, announced today that they will partner to deliver tamper-proof traceability across the supply chain.

While Distributed Ledger Technologies offer new ways to help enterprises mitigate operational risk across complex and non-integrated supply chains, anchoring data on a public and private blockchain continues to be a costly endeavor. By using Cryptowerk’s patent-pending data integrity technology along with track and trace solutions from ACSIS, enterprises now have the ability to verify the authenticity and integrity of any digital asset or transaction at massive scale. Actors in the supply chain network don’t need to agree on one specific blockchain, instead data may be written to over 20 blockchains from anywhere in the supply chain network at great speed with significantly less cost and complexity.

At a recent ASUG webinar for SAP users, John DiPalo, chief strategy officer, ACSIS, and Kevin McDonald, vice president of solutions, Cryptowerk, presented the process that marries Cryptowerk’s data integrity API with the ACSIS track and trace architecture.

“With our joint solution enterprises can notarize massive amounts of data at very low costs,” said McDonald. “This enables a trusted data exchange with customers, regulators and partners across the supply chain. The data SEAL provides an unchangeable record of truth. Consumers and trading partners may now easily verify if the products they buy have been made with the parts they were promised and can trust that the information they’re seeing hasn’t been tampered with.”

“Using a technology like this in conjunction with digital track and trace solutions provided by ACSIS has the potential to revolutionize the supply chain ecosystem,” said DiPalo. “For companies who work across multiple verticals and multiple supply chains, leveraging blockchain is especially attractive. By incorporating Cryptowerk’s Horizon technology at critical touchpoints along the supply chain, enterprises will have more reliable, more transparent, and more trustworthy interactions with their partners and end consumers.”

You can learn more about the ACSIS and Cryptowerk partnership and how the two companies are working together to bring blockchain capabilities to supply chain management by listening to the on-demand webinar.

About ACSIS, Inc.

ACSIS, Inc. provides best-in-class product and asset traceability solutions to optimize business operations driving improved profitability, more informed decisions, and increased customer satisfaction. Our cloud solutions deliver a real-time view of supply chain execution—connecting legacy systems, partner networks, and assets on the edge for better insight and smarter forecasting. To learn more, visit

About Cryptowerk

Cryptowerk has developed the first GDPR- and CCPA-compliant data integrity cloud service that makes it possible to verify the authenticity of any digital asset at massive scale using decentralized ledger technology systems, such as blockchains. The Cryptowerk Horizon cloud service is used by enterprise organizations, OEMs and service providers to automate and accelerate data compliance processes in high-scale business applications, including secure document verification, industrial IoT, supply chain tracking, transactive energy and data compliance. To learn more, visit


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