A Recent Poll Indicates That Binance Is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Binance is sure standing on the threshold of success as a result of increased adoption of the crypto platform by crypto users.
A poll conducted recently from 11,587 people shows which of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges people know as the most secure. Coinbase, Binance, BitMEX, and OKEX have massive crypto users around the globe.
Malta-based Binance got chosen by some participants as the most trusted exchange. The trading platform which burst onto the scene last year has the highest trading volumes in the cryptomarket. The crypto trading platform has one of the most engaged leaders in cryptocurrency, Changpeng Zhao.
Taking the second spot securely behind Binance was the San Francisco based Coinbase, followed by BitMEX, the Hong Kong-based crypto exchange has the highest trading volumes for crypto derivatives, and lastly Malta-based OKEX.
Of late, crypto exchange Binance satisfied a large group of crypto traders who spurred Zhao to make XRP a base pair for crypto-to-crypto trades.
Zhao in addition to doing that constantly asked the community of traders to suggest more cryptocurrencies for new listings. Currently he mountains an active Twitter account of 263,300 followers.
Also, he appears at blockchain conferences and in televised interviews to discuss his plans for his company on global expansion and why he remains a Bitcoin bull despite the bear market.
He created Binance labs, a capital arm for blockchain startups, as well as Binance Academy, an educational initiative for people interested in cryptocurrency.
At the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development early this year, Binance also launched the Blockchain Charity Foundation, which is a fully transparent, blockchain-based donation portal that has raised gained $664,503.
Zhao continues to assure his loyal customers that the company’s internal risk management system is keeping customer funds secure.

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