Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining

Today, a lot of people have made cryptocurrency a part of their financial asset. Cryptocurrency is electronic cash which is powered by the blockchain, a digital ledger. To use cryptocurrencies, the coins need to be mined first which helps to verify many transactions, making it more secure.

A Brief Introduction to Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of using a computer to solve various calculations required for the confirmation of a specific coin. To accomplish this, the history of a coin has to be examined within a blockchain, which comes divided into several blocks. Upon the verification of these algorithms, users can then look forward to receiving cryptocurrency and transaction fees, depending on the nature of the coin.

Requirements for Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the ways to have access to crypto coins. Miners don’t earn as much as active investors because they do not participate in the market directly and to get started, they spend more money.

Anyway, before the mining business can be started, certain essential tools must be present, and some of them include:

Mining Rig

Mining entails several hours of uninterrupted processes and the best computer to use for this is a spare that will not interrupt other computer-related tasks. Also, as time goes on, the health of the rig will decline. Some mining rig requirements include the following: hard drive memory, a steady Internet, a cooling system and an operating system.

Coin wallet

Miners make use of a wallet to store their earnings. It has different versions such as hardware, software, and online versions.

Online Mining Pool Membership

This gives the miner access to other miners, bringing them together to share knowledge about their common interest.

Mining software package

This software helps various cryptocurrency transactions verified much faster. The software can be downloaded online, but the miner needs to ensure that their computers meet the requirements of the software.

Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency Mining

Before anyone goes into cryptocurrency mining, they should be aware of its pros and cons. Some of them include:


  • It gives more insight into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • It is more cost-effective when compared to buying various coins.
  • Miners are instrumental in the verification of the legitimacy of a coin.


  • Associated expenses like electricity bill, computer upgrades, and cryptocoin wallets make cryptocurrency mining an expensive investment.
  • Miners don’t make much money when compared to active investors. If large profit is the goal, then investing is the way to go.
  • A wrong software download could make miners vulnerable to hackers.


Cryptocurrency mining is more of a hobby than a source of income. To get started, it requires more funds than an investor would need to begin cryptocurrency trading. It is important to note that miners do get paid for what they do, but it is smaller than what investors make simply because the latter deals directly with the cryptocurrency market while miners do not.

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