Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A 5-Star Hotel In Switzerland To Accept Bitcoin Payments

Nothing beats a great vacation after a hectic schedule, especially with the use of cryptocurrencies.

Swiss Hotel Accepts Crypto

Another bitcoin-friendly hotel is looking forward to be introduced in the world of modern payments and that is one of the Switzerland’s five-star Hotel, Dolder Grand.

Dolder Grand Hotel is located at Zurich, Switzerland wherein they mainly boast their beautiful sceneries along with their other facilities such as Dolder Forest House and Dolder Sports.

Cryptocurrency Advances Globally

According to the report, headed by Dolder Grand’s director of finance André Meier, the hotel will soon accept bitcoin on its tabs as the company aims advancement on its technology.

Customers can now easily afford accommodations, spa treatments, food and drinks, with the use of bitcoin as their mode of payment.

However, the report did not entailed whether the hotel will also accept other types of cryptos– except bitcoin– in the future.

Interestingly, the hotel partnered with technology company, Inacta AG wherein their mobile application, Inapay will said to further handle the crypto payments alongside with the hotel.

Once the plan of opening to bitcoin goes live on May 1, customers will have the option to pay for bitcoin in which Inapay will receive, in order for them to convert the tokens to Swiss franc or euro and send them back to Dolder Grand.

“Many of the improvements in our service in recent years were made possible by advances in technology. As we believe Bitcoin is here to stay, it only seems natural to offer more choices in the payment process.”

Switzerland Hits Another Milestone

The current status of Switzerland in the crypto adoption seemed to be outstandingly pleasant over the past years. As reported in BTCNN, the Financial Technology (Fintech) sector in the country grows massively since a lot of conferences and media publicity happened in the place.

Aside from this, the number of Swiss businesses willing to take a shot with the virtual currencies also continues to mark their way unto the market.

As a proof to this, a Swiss publishing company recently announced their plan to take crypto as their mode of payment for their employees’ salaries. Without getting enough of this, the company solely promotes digital currencies through their plan of having their company assets converted to VCs in the year 2022.

If Switzerland continues to firmly grab their way up in the fintech world, the market may soon see their new member for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

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