64 Year Old Senior Has $58,000 Of His Life Savings Confiscated in Airport

64-year-old Rustem Kazaki never expected to be the protagonist of a case like this when he embarked with his life savings on a journey that would take him to its native country: Albania to visit some relatives. But he was detained and questioned last October when airport authorities detected that he was carrying more than $58,000 with him, according to a story published by the Washington Post.
Being a retired Albanian cop, and knowing how the things operate in Albania, he states that he preferred to carry the money in cash rather than making a bank wire, and also due to the enormous commissions that banks collect for this service. He declared that he had heard tales of people being robbed after making withdrawals, so he opted out of the bank wire option to send his money, to protect himself and his family.
But that choice proved to be problematic. In the airport, as soon as the authorities detected the money he was taken to a private room and interrogated. There he was subjected to a preliminary investigation to see if he was a smuggler or a drug trafficker, but nothing was found. He was also forced to undress and was subjected to a cavity search in the same room. Still, after all that, the police confiscated his money and gave him a receipt where the amount of money that he had was not even detailed. He thought that this could be solved quickly, but more than six months later he still hasn’t recovered his life savings and there is no end in sight for his case.
The case of Rustem Kazaki shows how important decentralized and secure cashless payment systems are, and makes a case for the use of cryptocurrencies. If he had sent this funds in any safe, proven cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, his money would have arrived fast and easy, and he had saved himself from many problems. Also, cryptocurrencies are more difficult to be detected by possible assailants, so his personal security worries would have been also resolved.
Rustem is still waiting for his money to be returned.

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