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5 Platforms That Help To Create and Send Cryptocurrency Invoices

Like the use of fiat currency for businesses and transactions, the use of cryptocurrency also requires accounting services. Businesses and professionals accepting digital coins enjoy numerous benefits including fast payments, low transaction fees, and no chargebacks. However, creating invoices for businesses could be demanding, considering the conversion rate of fiat to crypto. Here are five platforms that help to create and send crypto invoices, as well as receive crypto payment.


Gilded is a platform that can be used by companies to generate and send crypto invoices to customers. It also aids businesses to receive their payments instantly and directly, without intermediaries or high fees. Users are to sign up by providing the basic information of their company to access the service. Also, they have to choose a base fiat currency and add public addresses for the cryptos they plan to accept under “Add Your Wallets.”

Users are to click “request payment” and “add a new contact” to create an invoice for each new business partner. To fill out the invoice details, click “Go to Payment Method” and choose “Address and QR code.” Under choose currency, the users can select one of these four major currencies – U.S. dollar, euro, Canadian dollar, and Australian dollar. Items listed on an invoice are priced in fiat currency, and the total is converted to cryptocurrency. It currently supports four coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dai.


AnyPay is a point of sale payment system that can be utilized to create crypto invoices free of charge. This supports Bitcoin cash and some other Cryptocurrencies. Merchants are required to set up an account with an email address to create invoices.

Preferred cryptocurrency option can be enabled by providing a public address for the respective coin. The generated invoice contains the due amount in cryptocurrency, a receiving address, and a QR code. Its integration with cointext enables Bitcoin cash enthusiasts and merchants to pay invoices with a text message.


This is a platform that enables the users to create a peer-to-peer invoices. It uses encryption technology to prevent third parties from intercepting or reading the account document. Currently, it supports Bitcoin core and some fiat currencies.

Users don’t need an account to create an invoice. They only need to copy a valid BTC address from their wallet, go to the Blockonomics website, paste it in the search bar and submit it. Then Click on the “Create P2P Invoice”.

CD Pay

CD Pay is a digital currency payment gateway that enables firms to create crypto invoices. Registered users of the platform can do so under “invoice tab” by clicking “create invoice,” and follow the subsequent instructions to create and send an invoice to clients.

CD Pay generates QR codes for payments in bitcoin core, litecoin, zcash, and monero. Clients will see all the information they need to complete a transaction including the amount in fiat and the current exchange rate in the invoice.


This platform, Coinpayments, has a section under “Merchant Tools” that enables registered users to create cryptocurrency invoices on the website. It gives businesses a rich source of fiat and digital currencies to create their invoices.

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