Sunday, June 16, 2019

13 More Positions Opened To Blockchain Experts At Facebook

By each passing day, Facebook, the popular U.S. based social media company is giving people the impression that they will launch a blockchain-based product soon. The latest additions to vacant positions which can be filled in the company are targeted at blockchain experts, according to the publication on their jobs’ page.

Facebook Adds More Jobs to its Career Page

Facebook has added more jobs to its Facebook careers’ page. Among them, are new positions such as Product Designer, Brand Strategy and Insights Manager, Quantitative UX Researcher, and Mixed Methods UX Researcher. Before this time, there were roles such as Product Manager, Data Engineer, Software Engineer, and Data Scientist.

From these sought skills in the blockchain community, it can be assumed that the social media company is highly interested in the distributed ledger technology. Much more, they are about to launch a product which may likely be a stable coin. Reports have revealed that it will be targeted at their WhatsApp social media platform.

Job Roles Hint on the Developmental Phase of Facebook Product

Brand Strategy manager, for instance, gives the impression that the Californian-based company is close to launching its product. There’s probably a launch date given that companies tend to hire these managers at the last phase of their product development. In the same vein, the Product Marketing Lead, which was outlined last year had a role which stated that the person is to “Partner with product management and engineering to define the strategy and product roadmap.”

If Facebook does go-ahead to launch a cryptocurrency, then it only goes contrary to their stringent policies which led to the block of adverts targeted at virtual currencies. Nevertheless, it will encourage the adoption of virtual assets given that these products will be offered to billions of people all over the world who take advantage of the platform.

Facebook Acquires Blockchain Company

BTCNN on February 5 also revealed that Facebook had acquired its first blockchain company, Chainspace. Here, the company hired the team of experts that had been working for a project for Chainspace. The project was aimed at increasing the number of bitcoin transactions that can be carried out in a second.

Asides from Facebook, Google, a search engine giant is also making efforts in the area of the distributed ledger technology. BTCNN’s report on February 8 informed that Google had launched six more data assets which are Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Dash, and Dogecoin. These are in addition to the Bitcoin and Ethereum data assets that were launched in 2018.

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