10-Year-Old Launches Platform to Teach Kids Blockchain Technology

NEM’s recent report reveals that Kaede Takenaka, a 10-year-old girl is developing a platform that will teach kids Blockchain technology and fiscal management. The platform is known as KidLet and it aims at capturing the interest of young minds and at an early age. It also recognizes the need for children to be active participants in technology’s revolution.

Creating an Educational Game and Issuing Rewards

To develop the platform, Kaede is collaborating with a team of educators and Blockchain experts. The young CEO’s idea is to create an educational game that will keep kids informed about Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and also enable them to earn rewards. The reward will come in form of a KidLetCoin (KID) in order to keep them interested in the platform.
Children can also be rewarded for completing simple tasks such as their homework, chores and other activities. Therefore, this is a platform that seeks to encourage the little ones while also keeping them informed with the trends in technology. In addition, this creates a channel for parents to reward their children for their academical achievements and outstanding behavior.

Platform Aims to Encourage Innovative and Creative Ideas

Based on NEM’s publication, the ultimate goal of its new platform is to “encourage innovative and creative ideas”. This is by creating a network where kids all over the world are connected. These children can work together on Blockchain projects and other education products. They do not only stand to be educated, but they’ll also get rewards that are redeemable on an online store.
According to NEM;

KIDLetCoin aims to tokenize the way kids earn their allowances or rewards. Essentially, 1 KID will be equivalent to 1 hour of work. This is the core utility use case of the coin.

Enlightening The Public on Blockchain Technology Through Programs

Kidlet is one of the first platforms targeted at kids due to the fact that others out there are focused on IT professionals. An instance of this is the country, Austria who in November this year, launched its Blockchain center. Austrian Blockchain center (ABC) as the center is called is aimed at the development of more Blockchain applications.
In line with that, the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) introduced its Blockchain Academy last month. This is a program that has been scheduled to run for five days in January 2019 after which qualified participants will be awarded an international certificate. Like the above programs, it also seeks to enlighten participants on the requirements of Blockchain Technology.

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