10 Major Websites That Accept Bitcoins

Asides being traded on exchanges for fiat and altcoins, Bitcoin is exchanged for goods and services. Online and offline businesses over the years have adopted the virtual asset to enable their customers to make payments speedily and conveniently. There are no border barriers which is another advantage of transacting with Bitcoin.

It is also worthy to note that while Bitcoin has been accepted, other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cash, Ripple’s XRP, and Dash have also gotten massive adoption. Despite the volatile nature of this asset class which has deterred many from receiving it, reputable online stores across the world have come to rely on it to exchange value.

Popular Websites That Accept Bitcoin

Some websites run by popular companies which have adopted Bitcoin for payments include:

1. Chess:

Chess in February 2019 announced that they have resumed accepting Bitcoin as a subscription on their site because of popular demand. This was after it was discontinued due to the problems they had with their payment processor at that time.

2. Microsoft:

Microsoft is currently accepting Bitcoin for its Xbox subscription. The American multinational technology company has outlined the steps required to fund a user’s account with Bitcoin.

3. Overstock:

Overstock, an online retail store where you can buy just about anything ranging from beauty products, shoes, furniture, to jewelry is accepting Bitcoin. The platform also became the first in Ohio to pay its cooperate tax with Bitcoin.

4. KFC Canada:

If you don’t mind trading your Bitcoin for fried chicken or Bitcoin Bucket as it is called, then you might want to check out KFC restaurants in Canada. They began accepting Bitcoin in 2018 and take advantage of BitPay to process payments.

5. Newegg:

Newegg an online retailer of electronics such as computers and their hardware is also accepting Bitcoin.

6. NameCheap:

Alongside PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, Namecheap is accepting Bitcoin for domain name registration and web hosting. If you’re looking for domain registrars that accept Bitcoin, Namecheap would be it.

7. Shopify:

Shopify in 2013 announced that it has integrated a Bitcoin payment system on its platform which will enable over 75,000 merchants at that time to accept Bitcoin. These are merchants who use its platform to create e-commerce sites.

8. Gyft:

Gyft accepts Bitcoin and in exchange, it enables its customers to send a gift card to your loved one across the world.


Wikipedia allows its visitors to make donations using Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. When Bitcoin cash was added in January, the platform revealed that opting for crypto helps to cut down the fees that are usually levied for cross border payments.

10. Digitec:

Digitec Galaxus AG, a Swiss-based online retail store recently announced that Bitcoin can be traded for its mobile phone, Tablet, and gaming PCs.

With these developments, it can be expected that many more companies around the world will also find a need to adopt Bitcoin.

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