Friday, September 9, 2011

Bitcoin Forums Hacked (By SA?)

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Had the date on my computer clock read April 1st, I wouldn't have been shocked. But alas, this is no joke: the (official-ish) Bitcoin Forums have been hacked. Many fingers are pointing towards Something Awful forum goons as the culprits behind this debauchery. What exactly have they done?

Well, it seems they have "Cosbyfied" the forums. Every image on the forum is being redirected to grab some sort of Bill Cosby related image, all avatars and signatures have been "Cosbyfied" as well as all mentions of Bitcoin automatically converted to the word "Cosbycoin." Not only this, but several different popover / marquee effects have been added to the forum template, all of which are, you guessed it, Bill Cosby related.
Bitcoin Forum thread discussing the unfortunate event.

Side note: Bitcoin prices were dropping since early this morning, please do not be hasty to attribute the drop in today's exchange rates to the hacking of BITCOINTALK.ORG because that is unlikely so.

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