Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bit Address Makes Offline Wallets Easy For You & Me

How do you protect yourself (and your wallet.dat) from hapless predation?

Creating an air-gapped cold store for your Bitcoin is one of the most crucial steps you can take to ensure their livelihood. Having an active wallet.dat file or even mentioning your use of the Bitcoin currency can possibly turn you into a target for attack. Securing your Bitcoin is as easy as creating a Bitcoin wallet offline, initiating a transaction with it via an active wallet, and verifying this transaction on BlockExplorer, or another similar website. You can then denote the wallet address for this secure, offline wallet and tuck away the private keys to authenticate it in a nice, safe place. Sounds complex, right? Well now, it's not.

Bit Address is a simple tool that allows you to generate the private keys and public address for a Bitcoin wallet right from your browser! You can then print out these private keys for safe keeping, whether that be in a safe deposit box at your bank or under the old maple tree in your backyard, that's up to you.

But it's a website, you said offline wallets were the way to go!

Right you are, Bit Address employs JavaScript for the creation of the Bitcoin wallet, which means all of the action is taking place using your browser. Load their website, disconnect from the internet, and THEN click the 'New Address' button to generate a truly air-gapped wallet.

Remember: Proper Protection Prevents Pirates from Plundering

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