Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where in the World is Tom Williams?

It seems a manhunt is on within the Bitcoin community for one suspect Tom Williams after his website started to malfunction and then ceased to serve pages to visitors at all. When the server was taken offline, so was the gamut of Bitcoin wallets belonging to thousands of users. Tom Williams has yet to surface for air to provide any official statement, good or bad, to shed light on the situation.

Several Bitcoin users have gathered together in a private investigation and have uncovered some very interesting facts regarding and its services. MBC was registered using a series of shell corporations based out of Charlestown, Nevis in the West Indies via a proxy domain registration service, ProxyShark. Further looks based on the address listed for the domain and into other accounts hosted on the same server as MyBitcoin revealed some interesting data; several of the other hostees have historical ties to the Bitcoin community, these parties have been reached out to in hopes that at the very least they have further information on finding real contact information for the owner of MyBitcoin. Read the entire details of the private investigation, curated by MrTiggr of the #bitcoin-police on Freenode.

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