Friday, August 12, 2011

Mt. Gox Acquires, Reimburses Lost Bitcoins

In an effort to steward the Bitcoin community back toward positive light, Mt. Gox has announced their acquisition of (the Polish Bitcoin exchange that wiped 17,000 BTC out of existence) and decision to reimburse users of the exchange as they roll it into a Polish arm of the Mt. Gox exchange.

The last week has shaken the confidence of the bitcoin community as a whole. Thanks to news of collapsing with an as yet undisclosed amount of bitcoins (now in receivership), and a critical technical problem that resulted in the loss of 17,000 BTC from (bitcoin's 3rd largest exchange), the price of bitcoin has dropped into single digits for the first time since May.

Mt.Gox (Tibanne Co. Ltd.) believes that bitcoin and the community will grow and mature past these extremely unfortunate events, just as Mt.Gox endured the June hack event and has continued to prosper. Mt.Gox believes that the bitcoin market will recover from the recent price drop as trust is restored by the alliance of bitcoin related businesses.

Read more about Mt. Gox's official statement of acquiring Bitomat.

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