Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kevin Day Makes Show Of Good Faith

In the recent controversy surrounding Mt. Gox and the major security breach they (and the entire Bitcoin community) experienced, the Bitcoin community seems to be in civil dispute about what should happen to the 643 BTC that Kevin Day acquired at a ludicrous rate of 0.0101 USD on Sunday, night of the Bitcoin hackcrash. Community members seem to be trying to burn Kevin at the stake, questioning his actions and morals, some even claiming him to actually be the Mt. Gox perpetrator.

In order to clear his name, Kevin Day (Bitcoin Forum Username: toasty) has put the bounty of Bitcoin in escrow at ClearCoin to be donated to the Bitcoin Faucet after thirty days if the whole sticky mess surrounding the scandal at Mt. Gox does not find resolution. He has requested that the Mt. Gox faculty show a similar token of good faith until that time. We have also reached out for comment to Mt. Gox on this matter.

Read more about Kevin's decision in his official announcement at the Bitcoin forums. You can also keep an eye on the escrow at ClearCoin as well, so you'll know when to head on over to the Bitcoin Faucet for free BTC.

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